Evalumetrics Research Reports
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Free Character Program increases children's
 Evalumetrics completed a second level of outcome study
for the
Prisoner of the Truck Foundation - Yes Pa Program.  Results indicate
that the Yes Pa curriculum followed by either a live presentation by Fred Sarkis
or the Yes Pa Video had significant effects on students' sense of self-efficacy.  
The study involved approximately 1,000 students in eight schools.  A full
report is now available
(Click here.).
Many factors predict violence.  As part of the series of public forums,
Evalumetrics Research prepared analyses and an article on youth attitudes
toward violence
(Click here for article on attitudes toward violence.)
An Evalumetrics outcome study documents dramatic impact of
Service-learning Through Recreation, Education And Mentoring
Project STREAM Outcome Study), a model of collaboration in prevention
Collaboration Assessment Community coalitions are developing in
many fields including substance abuse, education, health, and other areas.  The
most effective strategies are often those that are developed and implemented
through collaboration among coalition members.
 Collaboration Assessment for
Community Coalitions provides a model and assessment approach to determine
progress toward true collaboration.
Dime-a-Drink.   It's about time heavy drinkers paid their fair share of the
damage and societal costs they cause.  New York (and other) State can
generate over $9
90 million annually by adopting a 10 cent per drink alcohol
Read the DRAFT Report (click here)
Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) have been shown
to predict a variety of behavioral health problems.  A recent analysis of the
Evalumetrics Youth Survey (EYS) results shows the relationship between
ACE scores and problem behaviors.  
Click here to read the recent report.
21st Century Community Learning Center Program and
other after-school programs have been threatened with federal funding cuts or
elimination based on unfounded claims of lack of effectiveness.  But this evaluation
of the program shows the exact opposite is true.  
Click here to view report.