About Evalumetrics Research
What Is Evalumetrics Research? -Evalumetrics Research is a private,
independent research consulting firm providing evaluation and strategic
planning services to a variety of public and private organizations addressing
prevention of substance abuse, violence, or other social problems.

Evalumetrics also conducts evaluations of education, criminal justice, public
health, and mental health prevention, intervention, and treatment programs.  
Research and evaluation services are offered at a fraction of the cost of most
large consulting firms.

Philosophy of Evaluation -Evalumetrics Research believes that evaluation
should be an integral part of all programs and, as such, an evaluator should
be involved from the very beginning of project planning. Programs structured
to allow for a solid evaluation are designed better and have a far greater
chance of receiving funding and long-term support. The evaluator must work
cooperatively while maintaining independence. Solid evaluation is critical to
quality programing, accountability to funders, and accessing scarce
competitive funds.

Available Services -Evalumetrics provides personalized services including
project development, grant preparation, data collection protocols, database
development, analysis, report and presentation writing, and policy
development as well as training in evaluation for program staff and
administrators. Evalumetrics has provided logistical and analytical support for
a student risk and protective factor survey; the Evalumetrics Youth Survey
(EYS). The survey has been conducted in school districts throughout the
Finger Lakes and Southern Tier of New York since 1999.

Evalumetrics now offers the web-based Evalumetrics Youth Survey
(click here
for details) and the Community Prevention Survey (click here for details).

Cost -Evalumetrics believes that quality evaluation does not have to be
expensive. Programs interested in integrating evaluation into a new or existing
project can contact Evalumetrics for an initial no-cost consultation. If a project
is being developed that requires a proposal for funding, Evalumetrics will
generally offer technical assistance in preparing the proposal at no cost if
there is an adequate evaluation component. As an independent small
business, costs for services from Evalumetrics are considerably less than from
large research firms.

Rob Lillis, President and primary research consultant for Evalumetrics, has
over 40 years experience in the substance abuse, character education, youth
development, public health and preventive medicine fields.